Collection appointments are available at our clinic partners where the initial collection and processing fees can vary by clinic, but is around $945+tax at most clinics. 

After the collection, processing, analysis and careful freezing, your cells then remain in cryogenic storage for a yearly fee and would be accessible in the future for applicable regenerative treatments.

All-inclusive combination packages are available and provide the best value to get started with Acorn.

All-Inclusive Packages

Storage Fees


  • $190+tax yearly
  • $850+tax for 5 years
  • $1650 for 10 years


  • $350+tax yearly
  • $1550+tax for 5 years
  • $3050 for 10 years

*Family plans consist of 2 adults + up to 4 additional family members residing at the same address. Acorn requires proof of residency at the home address and confirm eligibility of the banked individuals. 

Retrieval Fees

Acorn has a $250 retrieval fee which is either applied to prepare the cells for cryogenic transportation, or to safely brings the cells out of cryopreservation for immediate use. If your cells are planned for use in a treatment or therapy, we will need to be in touch with the service provider to ensure they are adequately trained to handle the biological sample and are prepared to properly use your cells under all applicable local healthcare guidelines.

Treatment Costs

Because Acorn is a platform for personalized regenerative medicine, we are preparing for a future where your cells could be used in a multitude of different ways. With regenerative medicine applications still largely in development, we unfortunately don't have accurate guidelines for what these treatments will cost. But having access to younger cells can provide you more benefit, as younger cells having the ability to provide younger results in these upcoming cell based treatments.