The effects of aging accumulate over time and can have an impact on how much benefit our cells provide in regenerative medicine.

There is no specific cut-off date for when you can bank your cells. While no two people are the same, the average person reaches a peak cellular health in their 20s and then begins an arithmetic decline until sometime in the mid 60s, at which point the pace of aging begins to accelerate considerably, and you start to see an increase in age related conditions.

Because everyone ages differently, and the breadth of regenerative medicine applications will have different needs from the patient's cells, we wouldn't be able to guarantee exactly how beneficial any individuals cells would be, but if the cells are cryopreserved they would avoid accumulation of additional damage and age that will come later in life.

You’re never as young as you will be today, so for most people, we recommend to bank as early as possible so that you can leverage younger cells for regenerative treatments as they become available in the future.