In recent years, cryogenic cell banking has emerged as an option for not only newborns but for adults to preserve their cells for use in regenerative medicine. With the potential to preserve a younger version of yourself and access a wide range of applications, cryopreservation offers numerous benefits.

Aging is a Root Cause for Many Ailments, Injuries, and Diseases:

As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to various ailments, injuries, and diseases. Aging itself is often considered the root cause behind many of these health issues. Cryogenic banking allows you to preserve a younger version of yourself, capturing the vitality of your cells at their youngest possible point, before additional effects of aging can accumulate. By doing so, you gain a potential advantage in combating age-related health challenges.

Cryopreservation is a Proven Way to Preserve Cells at a Younger State:

Cryogenic banking has been extensively studied and proven to be a reliable method for preserving cells at ultra-low temperatures. By preserving your adult cells through cryopreservation, you ensure that they remain viable and intact until they are needed in the future. This preservation technique maintains the regenerative potential of your cells, providing a valuable resource for potential treatments.

Stem Cell Applications are Coming Sooner Than You Might Think:

Cryogenic banking not only preserves your live cells but Acorn has found ways to access valuable components such as secretomes, exosomes, and cell-derived products from banked cells. These components are poised to be among the first near-term applications of stem cells. Bioactive molecules, like exosomes, released by cells, possess the ability to influence cellular behavior and offer therapeutic benefits. These extracellular particles can play a pivotal role in regenerative medicine by promoting tissue repair and rejuvenation. In the very near future, they will be able to harness the potential of your banked stem cells to provide treatments for skin rejuvenation, hair regrowth, wound healing, injury recovery, disease intervention and more.

Adults Of Any Age Can Access Valuable Cell Sources, Including Stem Cells:

Cryogenic banking allows adults to access valuable cell sources, including adult stem cells. Hair follicles, for instance, are a rich source of adult stem cells that can be collected non-invasive at nearly any age. These preserved cells can be used in regenerative medicine applications. By banking your adult cells, you secure a diverse range of valuable cell sources, expanding the possibilities for personalized regenerative treatments.

Preserving a Younger Version of Yourself, Perfectly Genetically Matched:

One of the remarkable benefits of cryogenic banking is the ability to preserve a collection of your own cells. Essentially a younger version of yourself, perfectly matched to you. Each person's genetic makeup is unique, and by banking your adult cells, you retain a valuable resource for personalized regenerative treatments. This genetic match eliminates the risk of rejection or complications that can arise from using cells from a different donor.

Leveraging Live Cells Opens Up a Wealth of Regenerative Medicine Applications:

Preserving your adult cells through cryogenic banking opens up a wide range of regenerative medicine applications. From aesthetic applications, such as hair restoration and skin rejuvenation, to sports injury recovery and disease intervention, live cells offer potential benefits in various fields. By having access to your own viable cells, you can explore personalized regenerative treatments tailored to your specific needs.

To Receive the Full Benefit of Regenerative Treatments, You Need Your Best Cells:

When it comes to regenerative treatments, the quality and health of your cells matter. By cryogenically banking your adult cells, you ensure that you have access to your best cells when you need them most. Preserving cells at the earliest possible time, even later in adulthood, increases the chances of successful and impactful regenerative treatments, maximizing the potential benefits you can derive from these therapies.

Cryogenic Cell Banking Is Easier and More Affordable Than Ever Before

You might be surprised to discover that banking your cells is easier and more affordable than you think. What used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish can now be done for hundreds. With Acorn Cell Preservation can now store cells for less than 50 cents per day, and offer non-invasive cell collection that takes only 20 minutes to complete with no side effects.

Cryogenically banking your adult cells presents numerous advantages, from preserving a genetically matched younger version of yourself to accessing a wide range of regenerative medicine applications. By leveraging live cells and their associated components, you can potentially benefit from advancements in stem cell applications. Whether you seek personalized treatments, aesthetic improvements, or interventions for sports injuries and diseases, cryogenic cell banking opens up a realm of possibilities for your future health and well-being.